Understanding Abstract Art

Understanding Abstract Art

Here's an occasional response to an abstract art print: 'But what's it actually meant to be?' Of course, there is no answer - well, sort of, more of this thought later. Let's take, as an example, our Rosa Wisp abstract print...

Here, in no specific order, are some things that have been claimed to be 'seen' in it...

'I'm sure it's a guy falling through the air on a parachute'

'It's clearly flower petals floating on water'

'I can see lots of couples dancing, and with a bit of flourish too!'

'There are definitely some cliffs in the background'

'It's a racing car flying around a fast track circuit'

When you look at this print, with its silky texture, an acrylic on canvas painting, with its vibrant colour strokes, do you see any of the above images? What else do you see?

To return to the earlier 'But what's it actually meant to be?' question, the only answer we can really supply is: 'Whatever you want it to be'. That's the beauty of adding abstract art prints to your home, and making the most of such an investment. Each time, you might see something different; your visitors will stop and admire it, and then find themselves finding, or imagining, their own shapes and images.

Some art is constant; but abstract art is fluid and holds interest for as long as it is in place. So where would Rosa Wisp attract most attention in your home?

Rosa Wisp - Available to buy from our website in 3 different colour ways.

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