AttikoArt Collaborates with Pooky Lighting

AttikoArt Collaborates with Pooky Lighting

This month we have been hard at work with Pooky, creators of beautiful decorative lighting - and we’ve loved every minute of it! 

Our challenge was to produce three of our canvas prints in bespoke colours to work alongside three of Pooky’s wonderful lampshades. At the start of the project, Pooky asked us to select our favourite lampshades to work with. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But it wasn’t! How could we choose? We loved them all!

Pooky & AttikoArt Collaboration

In the end, we settled on the Mera, Arno and Sesia designs from their marbled collection because of their stunning colours and unique patterns. After that, there was no stopping us! We were so inspired!

First, we set about choosing the three prints from our range that we felt had the right textures and brushstrokes to work alongside the swirling designs of the shades: We went for Indy Rush, Sienna Mist and Rosa Wisp.

Then we had to identify the right balance of colours to compliment the shades. Not exactly “matchy-matchy”: That can look contrived and a bit, well, bland. But close enough to make the artwork and lighting feel like a pair and have real impact as a designer duo.

We are rather thrilled with the results :)

What we love about this project is that it has shown how two, very independently-strong pieces can work together, enhancing each other instead of fighting for attention, to create real wow-factor in a room. The AttikoArt / Pooky collaboration really is a case of “the whole being more than the sum of its parts”: Sometimes 1+1=10!

Indy Rush & Pooky Mera Marbled Lampshade

Indy Rush / Blue & Pink (Mera)

In this special edition, the dreamy, clouds of colour in Indy Rush have been transformed to go hand in hand with Pooky lampshade Mera.

Sienna Mist & Pooky Arno Marbled Lampshade

Sienna Mist - Blue & Red (Arno)

In this special edition,  the smoky yet vibrant Sienna Mist has been transformed to work in sublime synergy with Pooky lampshade Arno. 

Rosa Wisp & Pooky Sesia Marbled Lampshade

Rosa Wisp - Blue & Cream (Sesia)

In this special edition,  the silky swathes of colour in Rosa Wisp have been transformed to work in perfect partnership with Pooky lampshade Sesia.

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