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Clear Your Home, And Your Brain: Minimalism

If you're ever read Marie Kondo's now-infamous The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up book, or you find yourself drooling over white colour schemes with pops of colour on Instagram, then now might be the time to give minimalism a go. After all, you don't need all that you?

Declutter your shelves
Images via The Design Chaser

You might be tempted to pick up a heavy-duty roll of bin bags and get stuck into clearing out your life, but it's just as easy to overdo your new minimalist lifestyle; which without fail results in your re-buying exactly the item you threw away! From kitchen accessories to bedroom decor, take the time to think about what you need and what you're keeping for the sake of it without getting carried away.

Minimalist BedroomImages via Domino

A large part of the beautiful minimalist homes you see online or in magazines are statement pieces - from monochrome bedding to beautiful artwork like our simplest prints can add that little 'something' to make any minimalist house into a home. The personal touch is needed to avoid going clinical, and artwork and sparse accessories can provide that.

Ebony Swirl Canvas Print by AttikoArt

Though minimalist style can be beautiful, it also needs to be practical; after all, you need to live in that space! Opt for hidden storage and simple shelving to keep the items that you do need but that don't quite fit into the whole minimal theme.

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