About Us


“Where art meets interior design.”

AttikoArt is the brainchild of mother and daughter design team, Michelle and Melissa Belak - award-winning fine artist and interior/ graphic designer. After years of professional experience creating and sourcing art for interiors their mission is to provide you with the perfect print and help you make your home more beautiful...  

Image: Melissa & Michelle

About AttikoArt

We love stylish interiors. All kinds. But our favourites are clean, uncluttered spaces in soft tones and chalky textures, punctuated with a pop of colour to give a touch of “OMG that’s gorgeous!”

And that’s where our art comes in. Our prints provide a wonderful, contemporary focal point to any room and can be made in any colour combination you want - brilliant if you already have a colour scheme you'd like to stick with. But if you haven’t, our art is also the perfect way to build your colour palette; simply choose a print you love and pick an accent colour from it which you can echo throughout the room. (And we can help you with that if you’re a little stuck...)

As a guideline: Let your accent colour make up 10% of your room’s palette. We call this the '10% colour pop rule' and we swear by it! Having that bit of colour repetition to echo the colour in your print visually strengthens the art and helps you create cohesive schemes without being too matchy-matchy.

So that’s us, in a nutshell. Crazy about interior decor, mad about art - and completely obsessed with making your home more beautiful. We want to help our customers create their very own Artful Interior!

Why AttikoArt?

Because of our... What does that mean exactly?

Design expertise:


Conceived by an interior designer, created by a fine artist; every one of our pieces has been professionally created with contemporary design schemes in mind.









We won’t settle for anything less than top quality. We work with the most modern and colour-correct printing technology available to ensure our art is truly vibrant. Our inks are UV-resistant and do not fade:

> For our canvas prints, the frames are made from durable thick wood which prevents the canvas from bending. Behind the canvas material, we mount a sheet of cardboard to add firmness. This also prevents the canvas material from becoming see- through. 

> For our mounted prints we only use top-grade photographic paper and quality “passpartout”, borders which are UV-resistant and will not discolour. As with our canvas prints, the frames are made from durable, thick wood.

Range of colours & sizes:


We don’t limit you to one option. If you find a print you love amongst our range we are confident that we can provide it in a size and palette that works for you.

Environmentally friendly:



We do our best to avoid harming the environment. All materials are environmentally friendly. Our canvas material consists of a poly-cotton mix and our frames are made of sustainable wood. We use water-based inks that do not contain chemical components.

Bespoke colours:



As designers we know that sometimes art just has to be bespoke to fit the bill! If you like one of our prints, but need it in a different colour scheme, we have an exclusive colouring service to match your swatches. The same goes for sizing.

Free design advice:


If you’re unsure about which print will work in your space, send us some photos of your room and we will give you our honest designer opinion, completely free of charge.

    Got a question or need some advice? Email us at info@attikoart.com