House Plants

How To Introduce House Plants To Your Modern Interior

Bringing the outdoors inside can be a great way to enliven your interior and refresh your home. Tropical house plants, especially, have recently seen a massive boom in popularity in modern interiors, with pops of rich, natural greens appearing all over Instagram. Choosing the right sort of plant for your space is important. When matched with your existing decor and sparingly introduced, plants can add a touch of the natural to hard-edged minimalism.

House Plants

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A crucial consideration worth making when placing a plant – whether it be a light-guzzling monstera or a hardy succulent – is the way in which it will interact with the furniture and art in the space. A fiddle-leaf fig (a plant enjoying a lot of attention in the world of interiors) will dwarf and dominate a bedside table, but when placed in conversation with a large, graphic artwork, the effects will be subtler and more natural. Colour is key here – choose an artwork that balances the richness of the plant – or vice versa. Works in lighter pastel tones (like our own 'Blush Fizz') will emphasise and enhance a plant's greens, while a darker and more forceful work (something like 'Sienna Mist') will produce a subtler, more harmonious effect.

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Sienna Mist, House Plants

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Most succulents, the famous fiddle-leaf fig, the monstera deliciosa (or 'Swiss Cheese' plant) and the dieffenbachia are just some of our favourite plants that are easy to integrate into a minimalist interior, and that make natural graphic statements in themselves.


Image montage by AttikoArt: A few of our favourite houseplants!


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