How To Choose Art For A Feature Wall

How To Choose Art For A Feature Wall

There's plenty to love about block colour feature walls: they can turn dead space into a focal point, draw a room together, or just give your space a bit of extra lift. But many people panic when it comes to choosing art for that feature wall. It's hard to choose something that will set your colour off, rather than compete with it.

Using complementary colours to work with your wall

If your wall is very large, you may feel that you need some artwork to break it up or to bring out subtleties in the shade you've chosen. At this point, it's worth consulting your colour wheel for inspiration. Complementary colours are the colours directly opposite one another on the colour wheel: red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple, black and white...

Image by AttikoArt | Image via Pinterest

So, for a lovely chalky blue wall like this one for instance, you'd want something with a similar dusty, chalky vibe to it, rather than something really bold and vibrant. As you aren't trying to compete with the wall, but rather accentuate it, try considering complimentary colours that will naturally pop against it, like these orange / pink tones. This print keeps the room minimalist and fresh while playing with the complimentary colour pops.

Using the same colours in your artwork

Particularly for bold wall colour choices, it might feel a bit overpowering to offset it with another bold tone. In this case, try echoing the same colour palette in your chosen art. So, rather than introducing another colour into the mix, this trick simply intensifies your room's colour scheme and gives your wall gorgeous richness, depth and texture...

Image via Urban Outfitters | Image by AttikoArt

Feature walls really don't have to be daunting! As long as you pick art that will complement the scheme, rather than compete with it, you're likely to have a final product that's totally stunning and utterly unique.

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