The Art of Choosing Colours

The Art of Choosing Colours

You may have already noticed that we love, love, LOVE colour here at AttikoArt - we’re a bit obsessed, truth be told. (Being “designy types” we also love form and texture, but colour - well we think that’s the really fun bit).

Let's just say you've found a colour you like though, and you think it will work with the room. What about matching other colours to it? Coordinating multiple colours in one room takes some thought, and a quick check of the basic colour wheel is a must. Then, not only should you consider which colours you are using together, but also how much of each. (Normally you will achieve a sense of balance by using more of one colour and less of another...)

This thinking applies whether you're looking to create a feature wall, or want to add some colour with art, furniture, accessories and textiles - the colours all need to sit well together. 

Look at our stunning Indy Razz canvas in blue and yellow, for example. How perfect would it look in this amazing room interior? We couldn't be a bigger fan of the cobalt blue paired with the pop of vibrant yellow. But why though? While blue and yellow are not quite compliments on the colour wheel, they’re near cousins. Paired together, they create a pleasing energy that's oh-so popular in interior design at the moment!

Indy Razz

Blue & Yellow Room

So go on, be brave! Brush up on your colour wheel knowledge, let your hair down and have fun with it! (Remember, paint isn't permanent and you can always change it so don't be scared). 

Colour wheelWhen you're ready to add some art to your scheme, head on over to our shop and check out the different colours available for each of our prints until you find the combination that's just right for your room! 

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