Interior Trend Alert: Marble

Interior Trend Alert: Marble

Long before it became the go-to background for countless Instagram posts, marble was synonymous with natural elegance and refinement for artists, architects and interior designers. From the gentle grey and white marble favoured by ancient Greek and Roman sculptors, to the richly patterned slabs gracing counters and table tops in stylish and contemporary homes, marble has never truly gone out of style. However, it’s certainly having a moment right now.

Image via Milexa

As a decorative material, marble strikes a perfect balance between delicate and provocative. With natural swirls and muted colours, marble can be either a focal point in a neutral interior, or an unobtrusive background to offset bold home styling.

Interior Design by Lynn Cheong | Image by Derek Swalwell

Much like the art of selecting the perfect abstract print, choosing the right marble for your home can be a tricky task. With a huge range of stones, polishes and colours on the market, the variety of marble is part of its charm. We’re certainly not bored of it yet.

Why not mirror the cool and subtle tones of a marble counter top with our Blush Fizz abstract print? Highlighting the stone at its most delicate, this print is the perfect counterpoint to copper or rose gold home accessories. Or feature our bold Marino Stone print, inspired by the rich, complex and dramatic depths marble can offer your home.

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