Interior Design Trend: Rethink Pink!

Interior Design Trend: Rethink Pink!

Pink is for little girls' bedrooms, right? Well, it might be ideal, if you mean pale candy-floss pink or a subtle shell colour. In home styling, these rosy tones can create a gentle, warm and cosy atmosphere and consequently remain as popular as ever, whether or not you're little, or a girl. But there's much more to pink. Pink can be passionate, it can have attitude, it can contribute to a dramatic statement colour scheme and it can create bold focal points. 

Right now we're feeling inspired by fuchsias like Pantone's Pink Yarrow and the potential to combine it with the other vibrant yet slightly desaturated hues currently informing the world of interior design. Create a vivid yet relaxed boho effect by using it beside other slightly muted brights, like Pantone's Primrose Yellow and Niagara Blue, for that faded opulence vibe.

And don't forget to customise your art to suit your home. Our Rosa Wisp in pink and green picks up all of these hues and could look amazing as a focal point on a plain wall or contribute to a more patterned, multi-coloured 'bazaar' feel. Or Rosa Nina in pink and yellow amps up the heat with a pop of fuchsia, making it an eye-catching focal point in a room!

You'll never think of pink in the same way again!

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