Interior Design Trend: Be A Maximalist

Interior Design Trend: Be A Maximalist

Minimalism has been an interior design trend for longer than we can remember. But if plain white spaces and a few concrete lamps aren't your thing, maximalism is the trend for you. With eclectic home accessories, bold colours and an abundance of art - everywhere - this is one trend we're really excited about.

The key to a beautiful maximalist space is excess. This interiors trend is inspired by bohemian parlours, Victorian collectors and outrageous spaces. Huge art pieces are one of the most important points of this trend and, at AttikoArt, we have some beautiful pieces that are simply perfect for this.

Our stunning canvases could be the perfect starting point for your brave new colour palette. Our beautiful Posy Blush canvas could be perfect for setting the tone of your maximalist space, especially in its larger size. It features some key colours of the maximalist trend, with pink hues, moody grey's, and opulent golds...

Our Indigo Polo print could be another brilliant choice for a maximalist interior, in dark, rich colours with a touch of gold. Top your look and team our artwork with quirky posters and eclectic sculptures to create an interior that truly has the wow factor...

Embrace maximalism today, and choose amazing art for your eclectic interior from AttikoArt.

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