How To Choose Art For Your Home

How To Choose Art For Your Home

You may be unsure how to go about choosing art for your home. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure that you choose wisely:

1. Buy an investment piece

If you change your décor frequently and just don’t know which art pieces will last you, choose colours that are either neutral or have plenty of colour options to match with your ever-evolving design schemes. We recommend our Rosa Ellie or Ebony Swirlboth offer a burst of different colours to play with and are bound to keep your options wide open!

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2. Determine what room it's for

The location of your piece also has a huge impact on the style you should go for. Calming vibes, such as those in our Clara Foxlore piece, are generally more appropriate for a bedroom, whereas bolder pieces often lend themselves to making a statement in living or dining rooms. You may consider our Indigo Polo or Marino Stone pieces here...

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3. Identify your interior décor style

Determine your general style and design influences: is your room contemporary, rustic, industrial, Scandinavian, etc? Each style lends itself to a particular colour scheme, so try and match the artwork to suit your "look". For instance, Scandinavian interiors use lots of pale blues / greens, cool greys, whites and creams, so our Airo Cool for instance would be a perfect addition to this type of scheme. Industrial designs on the other hand often use blacks and metallics for that really raw edge, so in this case why not consider our Posy Blush?

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If you would like any further advice on choosing the right art piece for your home, please contact us today for some free styling tips!

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