Effective Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Effective Small Bedroom Design Ideas

There are many interior design tips and tricks for you to use when you wish to make a small bedroom appear much bigger...

Colour choice

Your chosen colour scheme plays a huge role in opening up your limited bedroom space. Always opt for lighter shades - those of pale greys, greens and blues and of course creams and whites are perfect choices. The reason this works is because lighter colours reflect light, making a room feel more airy and spacious, whereas darker paint tones absorb light, making a room feel altogether smaller.

Coordinate your accessories

Coordination is an important feature of any room design, and even more so when decorating a small bedroom. If you think of your room as a large-scale painting, it has to be seen as a whole rather than feel segmented or broken up. "Segmented rooms" will feel a lot smaller simply because it's harder for the eye to quickly scan the room in a natural, easy rhythm. Check out this bedroom for a gorgeous example of how the dusty pink shade has been carried out in a few of the accessories to subtly extend the thread of colour...

Image via @the_stables

Art instead of wallpaper

Instead of using patterned wallpaper that can 'close in' the walls, artwork can create a strong focal point without over-cluttering the entire wall. An important tip though is to make sure that you leave plenty of space around and above the artwork to give the illusion of a taller wall. (Never hang your artwork too high, or position it nearer to the ceiling, as it will give the impression that it's packed in!) When selecting your artwork, choose prints that echo the theme and colour of your bedroom, as it will help to create that lovely colour flow we mention above. With AttikoArt, you can customise your art print to suit your colour scheme perfectly!

Ebony Swirl Canvas Print by AttikoArt


Mirrors always give the illusion of extra space. Why? Because again, it's all about reflecting as much light as you possibly can, and mirrors are excellent at doing that! Positioning your mirrors at a slight angle, or purchasing a large leaner mirror, will create wonderful depth and height - this is a fantastic trick when when decorating a small room, as it gives a much wider sense of space...

Image via Exclusive Mirrors (Curved edge gold leaner mirror)

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