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Colour Crush: Denim Drift

Do you love the colour blue? You're in good company!

The gorgeous shade of Denim Drift, chosen by Dulux as their Colour of the Year, has been taking the interior design world by storm. It's a subtle shade of blue and grey and is just the right balance of soothing and calm. The colour has been seen making its way into soft furnishings, duvet covers, furniture and flooring, to name just a few.

Image via Dulux

What's more, it's a colour that complements other shades of blue, from deep moody indigo to light sky blue, and contrasts with fresh white and metallic gold. Some of the shades of blue are colours often reminiscent of summer holidays – of beautiful blue skies and oh so refreshing oceans – and can uplift and invigorate our rooms.

Image via House Beautiful

If you'd like to incorporate a palette of blues into your interior design scheme, then why not start with one of our canvas paintings? Try out our Rosa Wisp which goes-oh-so-well with the Denim Drift wall paint! Stylish, inviting and calming - these two would certainly go beautifully together in a bedroom...

Image via Pinterest | Image by AttikoArt

Use our art as inspiration to add further blues into a room. Search for new cushions, home accessories or furniture that tone with the blues in the paintings and gradually incorporate more pieces into your home. By adding a few subtle touches, you can change the look and feel of your interior and bring more gorgeous blues into your life... 

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