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BLOG | Think Artfully

Contrast Your Texture & Tone

Home decor comes in so many shapes and forms: minimalist modern, shabby chic, traditional, retro...the list goes on and on. Here at AttikoArt we find it hard to choose: We love any style that’s done in, well - style! But we do especially love a bit of eclectic design. Mix it up, we say! You might surprise yourself...

Take these images for example. Beautiful natural cane, wood and wicker. Not a smidge of synthetic in sight - and usually combined in decorating schemes with pale, neutral colour palettes. But, look what happens when they are paired with a vibrant colour. The contrast in texture and tone is amazing - We love it!

Yellow & Natural Wood Lighting

Yellow & Natural Wood Chairs

Get a similar effect by choosing one of our most intensely colourful canvases - like this one, Rosa Ellie, in blue, green and yellow - and framing it in natural wood. Stunning!

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