3 Ways To Revive Your Home Without Redecorating

3 Ways To Revive Your Home Without Redecorating

That little corner that lacks spark. The wall that needs a bit of oomph. The room that looks bland.

Sometimes, you can’t help but feel a complete overhaul is necessary to create an uplifting vibe in your home. And you SO want that stylish, contemporary home you've been busy pinning away at...

Maybe you don’t need to repaint every room. Or worry about the hassle of putting up wallpaper either - plus, it would certainly save you lots of time. The good thing is, there’s more than one way to inject extra pizzazz into your home, and get that glorious "Pinterest look"!

Paint & customise old furniture

That’s right, it’s not always the walls that need painting. If you have some old furniture that you don’t want to throw away, paint it! We absolutely love this simple DIY tutorial by House Tweaking for a wonderful idea for customised drawer handles:

Images via House Tweaking

Introduce an area rug

Sometimes it's your floors calling out for some colour - not just your walls. So take a look down and see whether it's worth injecting a patch of colour under your feet. Invest in a lovely soft one, and you won't regret the heavenly feeling underneath your toes... 

Image via John Lewis (Garda Rug, Blue)

Add a few art pieces

You’d be surprised what a strategically placed piece of art can do for a room and it can be a great talking piece. For those not keen on drilling, try a stylish "leaner look" and compliment it with a few accessories to create that contemporary looking cluster we're so obsessed with on Pinterest! Why not check out some of our pieces, which you can customise to suit your home effortlessly?

Indy Razz Mounted Print by AttikoArt

Changing up your home doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need is some creativity and inspiration. And we're always hear to help advise you on selecting the perfect print...

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